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[Mar. 30th, 2003|10:34 am]
Funny comic, in a PG-rating sort of way. So many amusing cultural references, webcomic, geeky movie, and otherwise.

Definitely need to do some laundry soon.

Had a shining moment of dvorak-clarity for a second there earlier. I was a little surprised to find that neither of my parents had ever even heard of dvorak, but in hindsight I guess I shouldn't be.

Short story idea: (seems entirely possible to me that it's already been done) a person wakes up, alone, in an empty room, and cannot get out. E at first believes that there is no outside, or at least if there were, that it would not be interesting. E later changes eir mind, and goes about trying to escape. Strenuous and lengthy effort brings this about, and e finds emself, at last, outside, in the night, still alone. E wanders around, observing the unfamiliar landscapes and plants, but discovers nothing more. E returns to the single-roomed house e escaped earlier, with a large rock, and beats emself in the head until e passes out due to shock and loss of blood, and dies.

My suspicions of already-been-doneness stem primarily from the fact that the form seems inevitable result of (a) pursing the cheap and obvious sort of humanity-as-single-person metaphor and (b) following the fucking news any time in, say, the last fifty years or so.

[User Picture]From: denorae
2003-03-30 03:22 pm (UTC)
there's gotta be easier ways to kill yourself than beating yourself to death with a large rock.
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