Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Listening to the mix. Probably only catamorphism will care about the following comments.

Tracks 3, 6, 10, 11, 14, 16 are the best song ever.
So much with the sexy vocals on 3, 6. Free-jazzy goodness on 8. 10 is just painfully beautiful. 11 tickles my Canon-in-D-variation lobe just right. 14, well, I have a hard time believing in things that call themselves "blues" which aren't actually proper I-I-IV-I-V-I blues or some direct variation thereof, but this is good enough to make me ignore such silly hang-ups. 16 reminds me of "Big Yellow Taxi" somehow, stucturally. Hey, wait? Is this blues structure I'm hearing? It is. Holy shit. Maybe that's the reason. Mmm. But the mood is really chipper. Good stuff.

And the CD as a whole is nice, too. Thanks, kirsten!

...And now he's in New york city plays jazz all the time
Says the problem with jazz is you don't make a dime
He got a big sax and a bad back and a black cat
He's got a black cat named Miles
He may be somewhat abrasive but that's just his style...

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