Jason (jcreed) wrote,

No, fuck it

Well, poop. I try to write a little experimental fiction, I try to push the box a bit, try to think outside the envelope just a little, and what do I get? You people! You people see right through me.

Yeah, there is no bus-guy. The four entries which actually had a subject (something I rarely do) are fictional. Well, there have been crazy people on the bus and around pittsburgh that I've seen, but I was trying to throw them together, and, yes, my own insecurities about my own sanity, as a character. I've been thinking about the character for quite some time now, trying to work out what sort of narrator would work, if any, doing little exercises in my actual (non-internet, paper) journal, but with little success.

So I thought, hey, livejournal. I could try to tell the story as if it were actually happening, and the format of just-a-little-text each day would actually be plausible given people's expectations of how lj works. And I would be under a lot of pressure to make it plausible, and it would be an interesting medium in that I would be forced to act as well as write. But, ugh. It's just too hard. I'm not up to it. I'm not good at being honest, but neither am I any good at lying. Making props would also have been hard. My handwriting would have given me away, too, I think.

Anyway, still in a creative mood. Interesting to find that the corny-depressing-song-writing parts of my brain don't actally need an explicit... let's say, "target", to function just as well as with one.

C      E7/B    Am     C7      
  Tell me, some time
F      D7/F#    G     F/A G/B
  When you feel free
C      E7/B    Am     C7      
  Some half-past nine
F           G             C G
  Would you walk with me?

C      E7/B     Am     C7      
  Under     the moon
F         D7/F#      G     F/A G/B
  And the cool April wind
C        E7/B    Am     C7      
  Say it will be soon
F                G          C G
  I'll feel your arms again

C      E7/B    Am     C7      
  Tell me, some time
F        D7/F#     G     F/A G/B
  Let me know some day
C      E7/B    Am     C7      
  Hold me some time
F     G      C   G
  And softly say

C          E7/B    Am    C7      
  That you see the music blowing
F        D7/F#  G      F/A G/B
  In the autumn leaves
C             E7/B   Am      C7      
  That you'll always be here with me
F          G     C       G
  And I'll never leave

[repeat first verse]
Tags: songwriting
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