Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Not a bad day. Wrote and recorded some new (though pretty unoriginal) stuff, got lunch, hung out in the lounge, attempted to help cdinwood with 312, got dragged to the Carnegie library by puuj, checked out a couple things.

I was sitting on the steps of the library for five or ten minutes waiting for jay and neil to finish, just matching people come and go, feeling the wind. It was very relaxing.

Went home and read a bit on the porch until it got too cold. Went to dinner with norm and denorae. On the way home bumped into madmadammim and her car so she gave us all a ride to beeler. I hung out at her place for a while and chatted. I find this recurring frustration that there seems to be something about how I feel about playing music that I am a complete fuckup at articulating. Maybe it's because most of the music-playing people I talk to all played in, like, marching bands and orchestras and choirs and stuff that I feel so disconnected? I can scarcely imagine doing those sorts of things myself. Anyway, David Sedaris is a pretty funny writer.

Ugh. There was this freaky huge millipedey thing in my room. I squashinated it.

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