Jason (jcreed) wrote,

more Bus Guy

There he was again. On the 61B, heading downtown.

This time it was those little speckly brown napkins, the kind that looked like they're made from recycled paper. He sat near the back, on one of the benches that has three seats to it, in the middle, so he had space for note-piles on both sides. Two on the left, each with a couple dozen items, and four or five much smaller piles on the right.

I sat in the very back row, close enough to my mark to observe him, but not so close as to be obvious about it. Somehow I guessed that if he knew I was watching, he'd stop.

At one point his mumbling was suddenly interrupted by a grunt, and he took an angry swipe at one of the smaller piles, sending napkins flying around the back of the bus. A girl to my right chuckled a bit. He slowly collected those still remaining undisturbed on the seats next to him -- maybe he was being careful about the order of them -- and got off at the next stop.

I kept one of the discarded ones. I should scan it in some time.

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