Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Advisor meeting was postponed because Frank was at platypuslord's talk. If I had known it was happening beforehand, I would have gone.

Meeting itself went fine because I asked lots of questions about the general topic of fudging difficult, "naturally classical" connectives into ILL, instead of focussing on how I still haven't come up with anything useful this past week. Rrr.

Funny moment in compilers. Todd says "now, you don't technically have to follow register allocation conventions. If you, you know, want to write all the code in the system yourself, never calling anyone else's libraries, or, say the operating system..." and then everyone starts laughing because tom is grinning and nodding.


Wore work on databases. Made some pretty graphs. Mike additionally told me how to forward cs-side email to andrew. No more shitty ux13.sp.cs.cmu.edu for me!

Dinner at Sam's with lincoln3. Went to madmadammim's orchestra piece performance after that. Totally awesome! Saw bobrost there, too.
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