Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I ought to read one or two of these essays linked off of scripting.com.


No, nevermind. They're indistinguishable from near-vacuous whining.


Anyway, got some work done on databases foo.

Went to Kevin Mitnick thing. Now, I'm sure Steve Wozniak is a really important and amazingly cool guy in the history of computers and and all that, but, really, he isn't the best public speaker evar. This is the second time I've heard him talk, this time was just introducing mitnick, but it still was a bunch of spurious random pseudo-philosphical rambling.

The Mitnick talk itself had a bunch of funny anecdotes. One about a social engineering hack where a guy said that some files were disappearing weirdly, and convinced the mark to create a file named, oh, ".rhosts", with contents, oh just something simple, say "++" (a wildcard) and do an ls to see if it worked. Oh no! Where did it go? Oh, well, thanks for confirming the "problem", heh, heh! Sadly, the talk ran pretty long and got pretty tedious near the end, but any given part of it was pretty well-delivered ay least. Many tidbits of scary guvmint-civil-rights-denyin' stories, too.
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