Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Hacked on this silly perl program a bit. Not much becoming of it, I'm afraid. My dreams of surpassing generality always bump up against reality eventually.

Popped into the CTSwF rules session. Realized I hardly knew anyone any more. Well "knew" lots of them on the sense of seeing them in the lounge, but not in the sense of actually having a conversation with. Orthogonally, decided not to play. Felt kind of physically tired.

Wandered over to Hillman. Checked out a few books. Went back home. Played "cranium" with denorae, lincoln3, norm. It's a cute game. Like every crazy little party game like pictionary and trivial pursuit and charades rolled into one, with a few extra twists.

Read "linguistics and bilingual dictionaries" by al-Kasimi. A real let-down. The introduction was intriguing, but in the end the book felt contentless form the point of view of interesting arguments concerning dictionary design. That is, the author took sides on obvious issues, but didn't uncover any interesting new issues to debate, as he seemed to promise.

I am looking forward to "A metalogical theory of reference", if only because I found it in the linguistics section and it discusses the Lowenheim-freakin'-Skolem theorem.


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