Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had this great dream where lots of peole were imprisoned in wean-doherty for no given reason and all the windows and doors had sci-fi-esque metal panels covering them, except for one at the front of the building, which instead of being the façade of doherty, it was the house I lived in 1983-1993, with the big U-shaped driveway, and it was the dead of winter so nobody wanted to bust out, but I knew there was a 24-hour "PDQ" gas-station over on Fayette St. a coupse of blocks away, and it was mostly downhill, so I ran for it and then got caught, which sucked, and then I woke up.

Making progress on the Hanon. I can mostly do excercises 1-18 at 95bpm, with a mistake now and then. The goal, of course, being all 60 at 108. I found that doing just the left hand parts was surprisingly harder. I guess my right hand is still "guiding" my left somehow. I think I'll be practicing separate parts as well as them concurrently to bneak the habit.

Dvorak is also getting much more fluid.

Meanwhile, back in the real world of things that aren't mindless manual dexterity training, I have a crapload of work to do. Ugh.


Things to read: nya (page 22) and nya.

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