Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Odd day.

Woke up, norm suggested union grill, sounded like a good plan, went with it.

Mentioned denorae's play, norm needed to see a few plays as a requirement of his acting for non-majors class anyway, so he came with. (yes, "came with", dammit.)

Very good play. I thought I might not like it so much from what I had heard of the plot, but it was an excellent sort of commentary on the difficulties of career dreams vs. relationships vs. frienhships and honesty in the face of discrimination and stuff.

After that wandered over to tech house because I had heard on the grapevine (actually, craig street) that there was going to be some kind of mad digeridoo jam session there. This Erin Breen and some other kid (whose name I have already forgotten) had real instruments and there were a couple PVC pipes which worked amazingly well. It was pretty awesome. Except for the part later when they broke out some other random instruments and I got all self-conscious about my massive rhythmic suckitude. Erin made some jab at me about whether I expected to be instantly good at such things that made me think for a while after.

I suppose I can't, but at the same time it really just pains me to feel so incompetent, so clumsy at something in a public way like that. It reminds me of how I felt early on learning to play the piano when I just knew how it was supposed to sound, heard it in my head and my fingers weren't good enough to keep up. Hell, I still feel like that all the time. It reminds me of trying to deal with friendships and relationships and that constant background feeling of oh god I am fucking this up horribly that only seems to fade after like two or three years of knowing someone. Yeah, I know it takes suffering through suckiness before I get good at something. I certainly don't need another lecture on that. It doesn't make it much less frustrating to know it, though.

Anyway. Went to boston market with sally and that kid with the name. Came back home. Recorded more random stuff.

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