Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Not a bad day today. Started out kind of hectic.
Got some burger king breakfast at 9:00ish. Wrote slides. Scrambled to get slides printed. Succeeded, though.
Fast lunch. Advisor meeting went really well. Frank gave me lots of useful comments on the paper. Did the presentation thing. Went okay.
Wandered over to OSC for a dose of hanon. Met one Dave Bernabo who was there messing around at the piano. Had a pretty decent jam session if spontaneous. He has a pretty crazy free jazz style. Should get together some time again.

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    I doubt any of the 5+/-2 people still reading this need to be encouraged to vote. One more day. Fingers crossed.

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    I guess I have watched all three debates for whatever reason. I have as an axiom in the back of my head to generally distrust statements of the form…

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    Uh-oh, elder gods invading the midwest, y'all.

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