Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got some more thinking about the paper done.

Jam session with ann went pretty well. She came up with some permutation of C-Eb-D-G that was fun to improvise over.

Met with people for compilers thingy. feeling a little less doomed about it.

Decided against my better judgment and at the last minute to go to vermillion, to see if I could run into adam and brad. Failed to there, but saw an ep of witch-hunter robin. Very nice visual style! Left for home and of course ran into adam immediately after leaving. The stuff coming up seemed even less interesting, so I continued homewards.

Impressive how this sort of intermittent rain can at times make me feel so intensely cut off, isolated somehow, lonely, despairing. The feeling reminds me of three years ago this time of year. It's nice in a way to sit inside and listen to it, but it's missing something.
Mi trovas ke estas larmi tiel facile lastatempe. Scivolas kial. Hodiaŭ, sur la antaŭhejmporda ŝtuparo, mi nur... staras, kaj rigardas la pluvadon, kaj sentas pezan, pezan koran malplenecon, kaj la vangoj malsekiĝas...


An amusing read.

Also: music theory is fun!

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