Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Good thing: being in nerd-trance so deep you forget that class is coming up soon and fail to be distracted by that fact, and get lots of good writing done. Also running into advisor in grad lounge and having him praise the abstract you just wrote, because you hate writing abstracts and introductions with every fiber of your being and are convinced every last one you've written is utter shit.

Bad thing: actually forgetting to go to class. At least it's the one I'm not really taking.


man, what a rush. So I actually checked what time it was where the conference was (Rome, +6hrs) and realized I only had one hour fifteen minutes until midnight local time. So I madly rushed to convert to lncs format, and write conclusions and shit, and then got the email back from the submissions guy, saying I had been granted an extention (he gave me another week) as requested, which I totally wasn't expecting, since it was like 11:30pm over there.

But yeah, that feeling of impending deadline. Good shit for motivation. Too bad I can't fake myself out unless I really believe bad shit is going to go down if I fail to do something in time.

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