Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Glerg. Today. Was a longer day than anticipated. Or desired.

Highlights: Got parking permit. Car towed back home. It doesn't start, though. Not surprised. Thanks, lincoln3.

Got taco bell.

Went to tee-gee. Talked to people.

Officemate Lea had vague movie-night-plans. Decided why the hell not. The other Jason, Shafeeq, Pablo-the-compilers-TA, Ryan showed up. Watched "Muppets from Space". Kind of funny. Played Trivial Pursuit. The answer is always N-1. And never "Mongolia". Or "Nelson Mandela". But sometimes it is "Fat Albert". But not on the question you actually get asked.

Came home. denorae was there in addition to housemates. The four of us watched "Bill & Ted's excellent adventure" because someone or another put it on.

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