Jason (jcreed) wrote,

(12:47am, technically wednesday)

A mixed day.

Good: got a bunch of work done on this blobby amorphous paper thing. I will definitely have something to talk about with Frank tomorrow.

Screwed around with the piano a lot tonight. Hanon is getting easier. I can do 1-2 at 90bpm, 3-8 at about 80, 9-11 at almost 60. Nothing but sixteenth notes, whee.

Also all the MIDI stuff is set up and working, so it was fun to play along with metroid music and linus & lucy and so on.

Bad: totally zoned out during databases. Project proposal due next week. Haven't started on the homework. Argh. Still, still, still have many errands to run that I am never getting around to.



Strange: Trying to fall asleep, noticing heat register rattling a bit. Go downstairs to turn down thermostat, also conscious of heating bill. Discover front door standing WIDE FUCKING OPEN. Go back upstairs. Discover lincoln3 missing. Strange. I wonder what late-night adventures he is having.



No, wait, he is there. Just very well camouflaged, and unresponsive to my yelling. Yay late night mental addledness. So it's strange why the door was open. I thought I securely closed it when I came home. Perhaps not. It is quite windy out.

It reminds me of those that have reminded me to pay attention to the music of wind in the trees...


And the clouds! I can't remember seeing clouds move that fast. Like a streetlight-orange monster standing up from the horizon and squaring its shoulders against the dimly blue night sky, swallowing a single star, dissolving, and rising again, roaring with the wind, smacking up plumes of powder snow from the roofs as if with the back of its hand... creepy, but beautiful.


Woke up, found it hard to swallow. Went to bathroom, spit a few times in the sink. Came out bloody. Freaked out. Drank some water. No more blood. Crazy. Maybe my lip or gums were bleeding? Couldn't tell. Went back to sleep.

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