Jason (jcreed) wrote,

O, the rollercoaster of my self-image, mood, and intellectual vigor. Trying to play bridge makes me feel dumb. Twelf source code makes me feel dumb. Sitting on the third floor next-to-elevator couch trying to focus while listening with involuntary hyperattentiveness to the mysterious wumwum-pause-wum-ing of wean's respiratory system makes me feel ARRRRRRRGH.

But: oh-em-gee why didn't anyone tell me about the handbook of automated reasoning? Such delightfully clear and more or less from-first-principles explanations of a lot of things I've been hazily curious about for a long time. Good books make me feel smart.

Also, databases happened. Went over z-ordering, and cute fractal space-filling-curve stuff. There was an 'optimization' introduced that perplexed me, since it seemed like it could be completely winfully circumvented by merely allowing a richer interface to the B-tree code, namely generalizing to queries on trees of intervals. Maybe I will figure out why this alternative optimization is(n't) a good idea as I do the homework.


So I actually read that Pientka-Pfenning paper today, too.

And, lincoln3 and I got the m4d clean on, yo. Tub and toilet, bathroom floor, kitchen, vacuumed the downstairs, and took out a whole crapload of trash. Very satisfying to defilthify so.

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