Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Doesn't look to be a productive day today. Maybe I'll still pull some shit together here at the last minute before I go to sleep, but I'm getting kind of sleepy.

Watched a few episodes of the B5. Went to CostCo and Geagle. Got a bunch of random stuff. Got a call from sally, informing that her MIDI entry into Finale was fucked up some how. Everything was mystically getting transposed down a fourth.

Wandered over after putting the groceries away, looked at it, not expecting to do much more than just be another set of eyes and another random hypothesis generator. It's not like I knew jack shit about finale. Hit A on the keyboard, showed up as a E on the screen. Hit play, and the same tone played back. On a random hunch, asked sally if she happened to have a tuning fork. Didn't expect one, but she did. Struck it, hit the A again on the keyboard. Different sound! Hit a D, and it did sound right. Cycled the power on the keyboard (after restarting finale and rebooting the pc failed to helpanything) and all was well.

Went back home for even more B5. My life is oh-so-exciting. But we are two eps into season four now. The fan, and the room containing it, are thoroughly shit-covered.


Hah, fuck my pessimism! Wrote 300 words, and read (well, skimmed really) a LICS'03 paper. I'll read it again tomorrow, and the writing is kind of shitty and doesn't feel very compelling, but I'm placing my faith in the habit of quantity to eventually beget quality.

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