Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Signs that doom has moved from the "impending" to "already done impended" stage.

Sign the first. Walked from lounge to class, this distance being the pythagorean sum of one floor and the length and width of wean, and bumped into about a half-dozen people I knew, another half-dozen I know well enough to say "hi" to in passing, and two whose (not unattractive) faces I recognized.

Sign the second. Was reading E2. As if this weren't doom enough: bumped into a node by some random CMU person I don't really know, but sort of know of.

Well, I guess it's not so much "doom" as "enjoyable to be in an environment where I can continue to meet and encounter so many interesting people that do stuff" but it feels frightening sometimes. I am not sure why.

Meeting with Frank was cancelled today due to his kid being sick. Got the compilers stuff typed up and turned in. Lecture today is pretty cool. All sorts of nice, clean math to describe what's "really going on" in data flow problems. Posets, lattices, monotone functions thereon, etc. Ah, absurd amounts of abstraction and generalization which still manage to be practically usable. Good stuff.

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    Playing around with the agda javascript backend, now. Like, my ears are popping from the sudden change of type-theory-pressure.

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    Trying to understand in general what kind of diagrammatic interactions between degree-three nodes actually read sensibly in the lambda calculus:

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    Not sure this is the simplest possible inverse (or even that it is correct) but it makes for a fun diagram:

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