Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Okay. Okay. All is not doom.

Had a minor revelation in the shower regarding the unification hiccup. At least I see what is going wrong if not how to fix it. Yikes. My mathematical instincts smell a long, painful road leading off in the direction I am sniffing. Frank has been a good source of "why the heck are you doing it this complicated way X when instead you could try Y?" in the past, so I'll wait and see what he says to the email I just sent him.

Had a couple of ideas to try on the compilers homework, too, last night. They may not work, but eh. Until I try them and they tank pyrotechnically, I am a function from ignorance to bliss.

Dreamed last night that someone in a chat-room thing asked me if I knew where a copy of some book was, and I googled around and found it, and told them where it was, all proud of myself, and it turned out IT'S A TRAP! they were just there sniffing for copyright-violators and had caught me, and I woke up.

Ĉu vere la negocio de interhoma rilato estas nenio krom doloro kaj angor'?


Well, Frank does indeed think I am overcomplicatifying matters, but I am still not convinced of a way out. I will certainly have a chance to whine about it tomorrow at the meeting.

It's good to know that speaking an obscure and wacky language in no way inhibits people from having elaborate flame wars over niggling details and calling them "seminars".

Had another interesting conversation with tom7 about the state of the world of programming and CS and stuff. There may indeed be some viable, useful road in the direction of my crazy blue-sky software fantasies, even if it doesn't end up there.

Got the compilers homework under control. Stress and bitterness levels back to normal.

Green Jcreed needs food badly.

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