Jason (jcreed) wrote,

So lincoln3 and madmadammim seem to have abandoned that whole "just friends" thing. It kind of surprised me, but I'm nothing but happy for 'em. Maybe the surprise is due to the fact that things always (go-go-gadget generalization from two instances of training data!) seem to go on for months and months whenever I try to pursue anything.

So I guess if I look at things more or less objectively, it's not so horrible: I didn't know adam at all at the beginning of last summer, and now I know he's a pretty cool guy, and I didn't really know sally at all before a couple of weeks ago, and now I know she's pretty awesome too. So, I am still capable of making new friends. And not totally destroying old friendships with deadly efficiency and super-attrition powers. At least so far. Well, except for a couple. Hooray. I am not completely doomed.

Lunch at Sam's with adam. Dropped off the wireless card at the house of beel0r.

Meanwhile, made a little progress getting the compilers shit towards working. Argh. Why am I the only one posting to the bboard? Has everyone else already gotten it magically working? Or are they putting it off still? I am having renewed spasms of oh-my-god-I'm-just-a-poser-in-the-midst-of-copiously-competent-human-beings syndrome.

Jammed with ann lewis for a while at the OSC. Some people had the room reserved, though, so we didn't get to play for very long. It was fun still.

Ran into bastetsguardian, who was on his way to Phantom. I had never been, so I followed him over and couldn't help but buy a "Dork Tower" collection because, well, John Kovalic. Several amusing Madison, WI in-jokes therein.

Got home just as adam was leaving. Now I am just pissing away my evening with teh intarweb. Sigh.

Though now, as the evening midnights its weary way into morning, I am feeling creative and ideaful. Some old ideas have found their way into a little TEX file. Maybe I can continue to make it grow.

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