Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Played some hearts in the lounge. Felt a wave of bitterness and guilt and hid in the grad lounge and got some of the compilers homework done. Gcc still whines that it can't find cpp0. Tried symlinks and aliases and it still can't find it. Arg. Arg arg arg. Maybe I can bug tom or kaustuv or someone. Need food badly. Maybe will order another pizza? Dunno.

Mia [E5] in', mia in', ne [A] mensogu [G] min
Kie [B7] dormis [B7/F#] vi ĉi- [E5] nokte?

Sub la pin', sub la pin', kie mankas suna glim'
Tremadis tutnokte mi

Mia in', mia in', kien iros vi?
Al la ej' de malvarma vent'

Estis l' ezdo laborema hom'
Loĝis unu mejlo for

Troviĝis lia kapo en veturil'
Sed neniam lia korp'

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