Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Finished "Down and out in the magic kindom" yesterday. Quite good.

Got up crazy early (8:30ish) and went to Burger King for breakfast. Yummm!
Hung out in Hunt for a long while. Read random stuff. Got lunch at Primanti's.

Went to databases. Yawn.
Went to a talk by Rob Miller about his thesis which involves multiple selections and stuff. It had a really nice demo.

Did the esperanto rambling thing again at bastetsguardian, rjmccall, rdore. Ph34r!

There was the D&D game. I dropped out at last. Hung around the math-physics lounge a while longer. Got a little work done. Operative word "little".

Went to JM's at 11ish in the usual way with the usual results.

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