Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Oh, wow. lincoln3 mentioned boingboing from time to time, but I hadn't heard of Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom until just today. Very enjoyable SF.

Went to databases. It was... stuff. I need to be sure not to become perilously undermotivated in this class. The last CS class I took that I really didn't care that much about was Neural Nets, and I only did well grade-wise there because the homeworks were easy.

Tinkered around a bit with research stuff. Should write something up tonight. Whoop, something weird happens with eta-conversion. Didn't notice that before.

Watched one more episode of Babylon 5 and discovered that our supply of season 3 is exhausted. So sad! The usenet feed for some reason switched from season 2 to 4, so we had to scrape up whatever lincoln3 had on VHS. Unfortunately his collection is incomplete.

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