Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Headachey today. Perhaps caffeine withdrawal. That would be kind of bad.

Feeling some sort of emotional version of stagflation: simultaneous vague misanthropism and loneliness, infelicities that I would have thought shouldn't happen at the same time.

Finished reading Kolker's Vojaĝo en Esperanto-Lando. Pretty good stuff for the most part. Got very preachy near the end, however. I guess it is to be expected.

Forgot that my class today was cancelled until a half-hour before it was supposed to start. Crazy holiday things.

Realized the occurs-check behaves a little funky with irrelevance around.

So I guess my reading list is actually diminishing a bit towards reasonable levels. Still need to finish hundred years of solitude, and enkonduku en la japanan still evilly beckons.

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    Didn't sleep well. Long day of work. Dinner with akiva at hanamichi.

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    K was going to do a thing for her dad's birthday, but scheduling kept slipping and slipping so I guess we're going to try doing it tomorrow instead.

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