Jason (jcreed) wrote,

I will not read E2.
I will not read E2.
I will not read E2.
I will not read E2.
I... just... one more... node...

It is freaking cold out today.

I thought about pattern unification in the shower this morning and I could almost hear the pieces clicking together in my brain. I think I actually understand the role of the restriction substitution, now. Maybe I should be more careful to remember this lesson, though, that trying to work out the details of how something has to work myself without "cheating" and looking at the paper right away, even if I fail and come up with the wrong definition, often makes it much easier to understan the right definition.

Finished lincoln3's collection of JMS's "Rising Stars" last night. Very good. I am curious to see how it ends.

...sed...cxu estas fie troe esperatendi ian respondon? Ion similspecan, egalampleksan, samprofundan? Sed... eble oni jam ne sxuldas gxin al mi, eble mi tro malfruis... eble mi nur ne lertas je petado...

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