Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Ugh. Kind of a useless day from the whole schoolwork perspective. Did some of that exchanging-words-with-other- human beings thing, though. That's always good.

Slept in really late. Got lunch. Read more of Ombro. Went back to the lounge. Played a little gin with cdinwood and pete. Sheeped back to morewood. Hung out in the forum for a while. cdinwood deviously tried to steal my hat by taking a nap in it, but I cleverly remembered that she had taken it. She then returned to the napping at hand.

Went back home. Made another burger. Was convinced by lincoln3 and madmadammim to play scrabble at some Heather-person's house. It was kind of fun.

But now it's suddenly after midnight and I am full of the tired and self-doubt. I think things would be simpler if only the same people acting the same way actually produced more or less the same immediate reaction in me each time.

Kial la vigleco de aliaj jen vigligas, jen lacigas min?

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