Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Arg, computers suck. Mozilla on my laptop now, for reasons unknown to me, crashes every time I click on a PDF or PS link, without even popping up the "what do you want to do with this?" dialog.

My desktop machine in my office (my own, not the provided one) also is mysteriously dead. I can turn it on, and the hard drive spins up, but nothing else. No actual hard-drive-seek sounds, no video signal, nothing. Moreover the front power button fails to power it off as it normally does. So I am suspicious of power supply problems, but confused that power is indeed being distributed around the parts -- the CDROM light goes on (but blinks) and the CPU fan runs. Very annoying. I hope there is no data loss.


Well, I fixed mozilla's unhappiness by blasting my .mozilla and copying over the pieces I actually care about (prefs, cookies, bookmarks). Dunno why it started.

Successfully found my password for twelf cvs and checked out and compiled on my office machine. Soon I should hunt around for where in the veritable tropical rainforest of ml code the actual implementation of the paper I'm reading is. I may need a bigger machete.

I may actually have a partner for the databases project, namely Michael Donohue. Here's hoping he doesn't drop...

Tried working on assigment 1 for compilers, but their setup is fucked, it seems. Things are coredumping when they shouldn't.

Now it is time to go crash - I mean, sit in on - the "Portuguese Language & Culture" StuCo class. Whee.

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