Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Got into the airport a bit more early than necessary. The lines were not as hideously long as they were at Ft. Myers. So I just sat around the little airport food vending area and ate a hot dog and chatted with my parents. It went surprisingly pleasantly. I'm glad there remains no obvious antagonism from their almost-decade-ago-now divorce. Eventually got on the plane, read more of Ombro sur interna pejzaĝo. (I realized just recently that it's not Ombroj plural. I feel so stupid) It's kind of depressing, but pretty good. "mi asertadis ke amoj per Esperanto gustas pli bone. Li ne estis sufiĉe kruda por demandi min: Ĉu disiĝoj same?" (roughly, "I had asserted that loves by means of Esperanto [the author and her then lover of six years had no other language in common] tasted better. He was not crude enough to ask me: so too, with separations?")

Got back to pittsburgh. Met norm at the house. He had put up nice little signs saying things like "Go back to Wisconsin! There is nothing for you here!". I ♥ my housemates. Then madmadammim spontaneously showed up and requested computer fixage. I tried to inform her of my ignorance of windows, and norm valiantly tried to help. No success yet, but then lincoln3 showed up randomly at the door of sally's house, and I'm not sure what ensued after he was provisionally drafted into the comptuer-fixing effort, because norm and I left for boston market.

The food was tasty as could be hoped for, but the trip back home was bitterly cold. Waited for the bus for a good 25 minutes. cdinwood called during the wait, chatted a bit. I headed over to her house after a 59U finally came. There I found crazy music videos assembled by (I think it was) alibash and jennoble and charlie and chris smoak playing puzzle fighter. All the while cdinwood was making weird and interesting chain things out of silver wire loops. Eventually my (progressively worse over the last few days) lack of sleep caught up with me and I decided to go home.

...sed respondi vian demandon pli trafe, kara mia, vere mi konas iujn aferojn kiuj ofte pelas min, mi nur hontas diri ilin... sed mi faros, mi ja faros, mi ja mian honton venkos. Mi skribos iam baldaŭ eĉ angle, ĉu?...

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