Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Woke up. Ate leftover muffins. The girls were going to the mall, so I tagged along. Although it turned out I was the only one who bought anything: couple pairs of pants, a crossover cable, and (I'm sorry, I am so weak) another book, a Hundred Years of Solitude, since I'd been meaning to get around to reading it, and, well, the crapola mall bookstore actually had it. So vicious campaigns are still being waged on the "Loom" and "Phoenix Guards" fronts, and another has opened up. Poor tactics, I admit.

Missed a phone call late last night apparently. I foolishly left my cell phone on vibrate in the other room while I was watching TV and listening to the storm. Stayed up only until 1:30ish this time. Dave Attell's show "Insomniac" is kind of funny.

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