Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Today sort of flew by unexpectedly.
Woke up late. Grilled a couple hot dogs. Read some more of "Loom". I love how sufficiently old books will just unabashedly refer to "backwards cultures" and try to assert that three-way singular-dual-plural number systems (which are not extant in many modern european languages) correlate with "primitive lifestyles" because "primitive people" have a smaller lexicon which is more predominantly things which come in pairs (animals, body parts, etc.) Sheesh.

Futzed around on laptop with wacky blue-sky thinking about type theory and writing systems. Made blueberry muffins. Mmmmm. Their mmmitude was enhanced by the fact that they were made the same brand of muffin mix that I had eaten much more often as a small child, so they tasted not only warm and sweet and buttery as any good muffin should, but eerily distantly familiar and reassuring as well.

Went out to dinner at the "macaroni grill" with steph and her friend meggie. I ate too many of the muffins, though, so I just got a coke. Came back in time to run into various friends of dad & kathy who were about to go out for new year's revelry. It was nice to say hi to jim, colleen, and jen again.

Now I will sit at home and have a wild and crazy nonalcoholic and mostly resolutionless new year's eve, as always. Woo!

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