Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Basically all of today was sunk into travelling.
Woke up 6:00. Drove to airport 7:00. Dropped sister off. Went to Perkins to eat breakfast 7:30-8:00ish. Got back to airport 8:30ish. Sat around and read for a while. Mom left for her flight at 9:30ish. I stayed around and read more until 11:30, when I decided to check in and go over to the gate. Flight finally left at 13:00ish. Got into Chicago 14:00. Ate hot dog. Waited by the gate until 15:45. Got into Ft. Myers 19:45 local time. Waited for baggage until 20:00. Drove back to Naples with dad, sister, sister's friend, arrived at 20:30. Tired now. But: read "The Atoms of Language", (a popularisation of some of Chomsky's theoretical wanking) Pushkin's La Negxa Blovado, (a short story from eLibrejo) and made headway on "The Phoenix Guard", which Dan lent to me.

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