Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Despite my pleadings for small, light gifts, I got a bunch of stuff. My family is too nice for their own good. Despite my whining yesterday, I do love 'em.

I did get a couple nice shirts, books, etc., and a tiny little optical usb mouse which might actually prove useful when my thumb gets tired from the trackpad.

Ehx. Min gxenas la klinike analizema, superecema sinteno de mia patrino diskutanta sia fratino kun sia patro. Acxaj familiaj melodramoj. Cxu sxi vere sentas pli bone kiam sxi plene disigas siajn cxirkauxulojn?Arg, kiel sxi ripetemas nun sur la telefono. Mi vere ne volas gxin auxdi sed ne estas loko en cxi tiu damnita domo kie haveblas silento.

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    migraine or flu or something? Felt very headachey and basically napped the whole day way.

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    Woke up early feeling more or less great, went to work, got about a half an hour in and acquired a massive migrainey headache, went back home and was…

  • (no subject)

    Still feeling sick somehow, napped most of the evening away.

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