Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Yesterday was kind of crazy. Woke up at 6:50. Tossed stuff into suitcase. Walked to bus stop. The 7:20 28X was already there, waiting. Got on. Attempted to read a little. Pretty close to too tired to read, but not quite. The airport-to-plane-to-other-airport segment went uneventfully. In madison it turned out that my dad had a meeting so wasn't able to show up, so mom and I waited around for grandpa and Esther. They eventually showed up, having circled around on foot looking for where they were supposed to wait. Mom and grandpa agreed to go get their respective cars and meet "on the side of the road" and then to discuss maybe breakfast or something. Much hilarity ensued due to the fact that neither one of them was particularly careful to, oh, mention which road they had in mind. Both drivers gave up and tried going to the east side Perkins just in case the other one did, which they did. So I had some pigs-in-a-blanket. It was tasty.

Later went over to dad's house, almost got conscripted into picking up my sister from the bus station (she having bussed in from Chicago since she sold her car) but thankfully my other sister volunteered since I was totally falling asleep by 11:00 (12:00 internal time from my point of view). Watched "Merlin" in the mean time. What a weird movie. Some of the special effects sequences seemed really well-done, and others were totally B-movie quality. The constant whispery voice of the one pagan goddess character was full of the irritating.

Today woke up to simulated christmas morning, by reason of people-leaving-for-Florida. Got some l00t I wasn't expecting: a Clie. Sheesh, my dad and PDAs-qua-christmas gifts. I got a Palm N years ago and never really used it. But... the Clie is, like, color and stuff, so it might be fun to develop for or something.

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    Didn't sleep well. Long day of work. Dinner with akiva at hanamichi.

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    K was going to do a thing for her dad's birthday, but scheduling kept slipping and slipping so I guess we're going to try doing it tomorrow instead.

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    Had a pleasant lunch with paul and gabe back from working-at-facebook times. Discussed the important issues of the day, by which I mean video games…

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