Jason (jcreed) wrote,

In the morning I was woken up by two phone calls, one from my dad asking what time to meet me at the airport, and another from cdinwood letting me know that she was leaving shortly. Played some super-set briefly, and walked with her over to the bus stop.

Tried to go to the Hub to get a new bus sticker. I arrived there like five minutes before they opened, so I went upstairs in Warner to sit and check mail or something. There were no benches, so I just sat on the nearest, seat-like object. I thought I was being inconvenienced slightly, but then I realized that heat registers are fine, fine things to sit on on cold mornings. Mmmmmm.

Went downstairs again after a little while and got the new sticker, (for to go over to Hillman to renew my Pitt library card up to the newly updated expiration date of the bus sticker, so I could check out books over break, hooray for double indirection) and bussed down to Oakland. Lunchified at Arby's. The staff there is amusingly chatty. Went back home to grab library books, returned them to E&S, walked over to Hillman, returned the D. H. Lawrence book, and checked out a couple others. Another book imaginatively titled "historical linguistics" and one called "rethinking writing". I'm not yet entirely sure what the latter is about, but it looks promising from a brief skim of a section of it that discussed "Finnegan's Wake". Ah, light reading.

Sat and read another 50ish pages of Kredu min, Sinjorino! in a couple hours. Hmm. 25 pages an hour. Kind of slow, but not too bad, considering.

Eventually I wandered back to wean, and head down to see what was going on with the black friday TG. Actually played DDR once. I think it was like a one-foot song. It was kind of fun. Watched some other people play. Chris Colohan is pretty crazy. Then they started playing "Analyze This". platypuslord and I left for Sam's. Came back to the end of the movie. Read for a little while, and got sucked into a Boggle game. Mmm, boggle.

Went back home to watch some more Babylon 5.

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