Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Went to look at some furniture I think I'll buy. Just a dresser and a bookshelf, but... useful stuff.

Got a ride from Jevan over to Steven Rudich's house, where there was lots of complexity theory lecturing and pizza and more lecturing and then magic tricks. It was quite fun. Perhaps even useful for the final, as well. Peridinner conversation with avi (bastetsguardian) revisited his suggestion that I do some sort of esperanto StuCo class. Idunno. I would be totally cool with something like that if (a) I was a little more confident with my pronunciation (not a big issue, really) and (b) I had some guarantee that more than one or two people would actually be interested. I mean, I really do respect language pretty seriously after seeing the sort of literary tradition that it's produced despite being so brain-damagedly easy to learn, but I am afraid I have little skill in convincing other people that it's not a kooky hippie pipe-dream non-language that nobody "really" speaks, and is actually worth spending more than five minutes trying to learn.

I found this, which is sort of interesting.

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    I doubt any of the 5+/-2 people still reading this need to be encouraged to vote. One more day. Fingers crossed.

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    I guess I have watched all three debates for whatever reason. I have as an axiom in the back of my head to generally distrust statements of the form…

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    Uh-oh, elder gods invading the midwest, y'all.

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