Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Finally finished Pasxoj. I still don't feel totally satisfied about the last story, though. I think I missed the meaning of a few of the bits of slang. Read more of Uzino. There was a really strange story therein, "The Chestnut Tree" (La kasxtanarbo) in translation from Slovenian. Went over to Hillman to get "The woman who rode away." It's interesting to compare it to its translation. What I picked up was actually a collection of various short stories by D. H. Lawrence... I think I will probably read the rest of them. I find it weird how much more enthusiasm I have now for just reading fiction than I ever did in, say, high school, mired in English classes full of crap I didn't want to read, mostly because it was being shoved down my throat. But unencumbered by any sense of obligation or dread of tedious strictly-formatted essays that need to be written, I can just read and think and listen to the music of the English language. I don't know why it took like four years to realize this.

Maybe it's that thinking hard about translation (ecx traduki de kaj al lingvo tiel "falsa" kiel esperanto :) made it clear enough that all of the "merely" surface characteristics of language are really interesting and nontrivial in their own right - the sounds and flavors and correlations and connotations of words apart from their cold, raw, official semantics and definitions.

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