Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Not much excitement in Module Systems since attendance was all of like 4 or 5 people. Rudich went through some slides insanely fast in Complexity Theory since we're ludicrously behind. There may be some bonus lectures at some point. I sort of volunteered to try to work out some of the logistics of it.

Things things things. Actually almost finished Pasxoj now. Ordered some more books from ELNA. A couple of dictionaries, and Kredu min, Sinjoro! which is supposed to be a classic.

There was a huge traffic jam around 5:00ish as I was bussing down to Oakland for dinner. All of Pitt and CMU leaving for thanksgiving break, I guess. Silly holidays. It got to the point where walking was much, much faster than waiting in the bus, but the bus driver absolutely would not let anyone out until he got to a stop. It was seriously like ten minutes from one stop to the next one a block away. Argh. But I eventually got some food, and slacked in Hillman a while, and walked back to Wean in the falling snow. It was actually quite pretty. As much as I generally don't like cold weather much, snow is better than rain.

Around 21ish went back home, got some pizza, watched a few eps of South Park with Norm. Thought about research problem. Tried to read Frank's paper on the undecidability of unification in the equational theory of isomorphism in CCCs. There is a conclusional saltation therein I fail to understand. I'll ask him tomorrow if he's still around, I guess. Looking at his web page today I happened notice I am actually listed as a PhD student of his, which is a strange feeling, even though it's true, to be listed in the same list as people like Brigitte and Kaustuv and John Moody and Kevin Watkins.

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