Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Blerg. Barely got up in time to grab lunch at get back to Wean in time for Module Systems. Still kind of drifting off and not paying attention during it. Found something called Uzino on eLibrejo. The intro of the first issue talks about what its purpose is "as you can tell from the name" [kiel oni povas diveni el la nomo] but I can't figure out what the name is supposed to be. It can't be uz- (use) + -in- (female) + o (noun ending), can it? That doesn't make any sense. But I can't find uzin- as a root by itself. Oh well.

Complexity theory finished up the proof of PSPACE subset IP. Intense stuff. I think I finally get the basic ideas, though. Got in a big philosophical argument about the role of programming skills and mathematical sophistication in CS education with a guy in LTI whose name I didn't catch and Dave Charlton and Rudich after class.

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