Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Still kind of sleepy this morning after getting to bed late. (~5ish)

Went to the Oakland O for lunch with combinator. I hate restaurants with "no outside food or drinks" policies. Even if they don't enforce it, it causes me to feel guilty for being a good capitalist and purchasing equivalent goods for less money. Not that they shouldn't be allowed to make such policies, since it's their property and they can let me sit there or not if they please. Thought I'd be just as irked at a restaurant that just provide any seating at all. Oh well. The hot dog was tasty.

Went to type systems. It was a guest lecture by Bob Harper on existential types and data abstraction and stuff. In short, everything that I actually have understood in module systems, which isn't a whole lot. Near the end, he grinned and pointed out that he really had given the null lecture, since existentials are encodable with universal types, namely EX.T => AY.(AX.T->Y)->Y

After that I hung out with combinator some more while he worked on the lecture he has to give tomorrow for the class he's TAing back in Madison. Eventually he had to go back to my place to get his stuff and to the bus stop. The bus came, and Pete still hadn't show up, and the bus driver said he'd wait a bit, so I went over to PhiKap to nag Pete. I found him, but by the time we got back to the stop, the bus was gone. So I chatted a while with Pete and eventually another 28X came and he left. Had some dinner at Sam's. The staff is now (competitively) attempting to predict whether I will order a burger or turkey sandwich. Over dinner I made yet another pass over the Kosaraju paper. I think I finally understand theorems 3 through 5 now, which show that property theta is sufficient to guarantee the existence of a CR-path. I just need to look at the last few details of why theta failing means you can break up a GVASS into smaller things.

Gah, this weekend really felt like it went by so fast. I wish I could have done more stuff with martin and pete, and seen more of dee and eli and nick and adam and rehana for that matter. I suppose they will come back again, or else I will visit them, or something. It is hard to avoid wanting to just hold onto the particular set of social circumstances that were so nice to begin with, but I don't suppose it's possible to make everybody not ever move away.

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