Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had an exciting idea this morning, but after talking it through to kaustuv realized it didn't work.

Played Puerto Rico with rupes, combinator, platypuslord, bpr. It was kind of fun; I got second place behind dan. Still, I don't know... I just don't feel as much like a gaming sort of person lately. Seeing old friends is always nice, though.

Everyone else seemed to have separate dinner plans, so I got some subway, walked up to the basement show on Wilkins, bought a couple copies of the Handface CD and left. I was going to stay for the show, but it was crowded and smoky and I felt that same sense of desparately-wanting-to-get-away-from-large-crowds-of-unfamiliar-people I've been feeling so frequently lately. Arg. I might join the party and blame it on SAD-correlated depression/social anxiety, but I'm not really sure that's what's going on here, even if it did seem to happen to me in the past. Though... this sort of cold rainy weather sometimes just sinks its teeth into my brain and I panic and can't focus on much besides getting to some place where I can be warm and dry and quiet. But other times I don't mind it at all. No sense at all.

However, I really like this CD. I love the tension between the electronic sounds and the real, organic-sounding drums, with the amplified, distorted bass shifting between sounding natural and artifical.

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