Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Modules systems was rather annoying. I was hoping Derek's talk would be a nice overview of things, since it's sort of a dry run for his proposal talk, but instead much of the class was Bob and Derek arguing loudly over issues that I'm sure were very relevant and important, but I didn't understand any of them. Too bad I haven't actually kept up with the class, but I'm not too surprised I haven't found the motivation to since I'm only auditing. Maybe andrew will insist it's just as well I didn't get caught up in the seamy underworld of desiging type systems for modules.

Some stuff about interactive proofs and arthur-merlin proofs and PSPACE and things in complexity theory. Proofs so hardcore they don't even have time to present them in class except in watered-down form. Yikes. Rudich went off on a long philosophical tangent at the end of class. I still don't see a clear distinction between "behaviorism" and "materialism" and "mechanism"... all seem like rejections any funny dualistic goings-on. What does it even mean to ask for a mechanistic explanation of true epiphenomenal consciousness?

Apart from that, wrote and played with a little bit of audio synth code again. My life is so exciting sometimes.

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