Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had another idea about the reverse coverability generalization last night at about 1:15am. I think it works out okay. What it really comes down to now is generalizing the graph-theoretic lemmas and extending the VASS->GVASS transition to VCSS->GVCSS for some definition of a GVCSS. I think these two issues are pretty fundamentally intertwined, though, so I think I have to hope for a spontaneous revelation concerning both of them at once rather than chipping away at one or the other. Fortunately, I semm to have been having a whole bunch of spontaneous revelations and fruitful (or at least interesting in the short-term) ideas lately. It is nice when the ol' machinery upstairs does its job.

Got completely lost in module systems. Maybe I should stop going. On the other hand, Derek is talking next time, I think about his thesis work, so maybe that will be a nice fresh overview of all the issues. I didn't do quite as badly on the complexity midterm as I thought, since Kedar only did -5s on problem 1 subparts instead of -10s as the test promised. Still a C in any sane grading universe, but I suspect there will be some sort of curve, so perhaps I can hope for the holy passing grade of B-.

Ran into Ann in the grad lounge, tentatively scheduled another dueling-pianos session. Assuming the OSC is free, anyway. Damn those dancers using the room designed for dance practice!

Got an email from Bob Harper about constructive logic needing TAs next semester. I mentioned noncommitally as I could muster that I would be interested. I tend to think that might be a little more fun than TAing graphics, which was the other possibility looming on the ever-advancing horizon. Not particularly because I love graphics, but because Frank is teaching it again.

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