Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Came in to the tartan office around 10:30 thinking it was 11:30. Crazy DST switchover. Got comic stuff done, except my poor complexity-theory-battered brain forgot to run dmv and trurl's comic. Argh. Had lunch at Primanti. Went to CostCo with lincoln3. Got some more apple juice, 24 pens for $10 that I would normally pay a dollar apiece for, and the traditional quarter-pound-Hebrew-National-hot-dog-and-soda-for-$1.61. Mmm. Went back to the office after that and worked on the complexity theory midterm some more. For fuck's sake, I just can't remember the definition of pairwise independent hash families for more than like two seconds, and the web site with all the notes and homeworks is down.

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