Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Forgot to mention yesterday that cominator called and said he'd be coming out to pgh on Nov 14th at the same time as a couple other people at least (nickjong, dr4b). Totally awesome. Reportedly Pete might be coming, too, but I have learned that any plans he makes more than, say five or six minutes into the future are not set in stone. I exaggerate, but... still.

I was hanging out in the OSC dance platform room hacking on the piano and some people came in, and I went in to my usual "hey, did you guys reserve the room, because I didn't, and I can go ahead and get out of your way if you did" routine, but they didn't and said they were just moving some stuff. So I kept playing, and got way into some blues in E or something with a level of focus I don't usually get to and finished off. I blinked and looked up and one of the moving-stuff guys asked me how I learned to play chords like that. I'm rather embarrassed about my left-hand technique, actually, since I've gotten in an extreme rut rhythmically and pretty much play this one particular stride style or else just pound out three- or four-note voicings in root position. So I just mumbled about not really learning anything formally in the way of voicings. He mentioned that he was trying to learn piano, and actually the moving-stuff people were getting ready to play the CS Halloween party-like thing. So I went and listened to them and the other student band ("The Girls" despite the all-male lineup, and "Underscore" respectively) and they were both pretty good.

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