Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Skipped machine learning. Bad, bad jcreed! But I have... priorities, I guess. A strange thing. Anyway, the online notes are pretty good.

Almost missed some of module systems trying to finish up the CT homework, but the counting argument for 4(a) went through at the last minute. I love it when big-O works for me instead of against me.

Complexity theory seemed slow. Then again it has been for most of the semester. I find the fact that the homeworks frequently reference stuff we haven't learned in class means that I just look at the scribe notes from two years back and learn the material the hard (but effective) way so that by the time it shows up in class it seems kind of dull. Except the proof today that NP subset P/poly implies PH collapses down to Sigma_2 was neat, if a bit sneaky.

Picked up my check for the category theory foo I did over the summer, finally. Ran into cdinwood and wandered over to her house and said bye before she left for Texas. nickjong, you had better have a seat on the flight back. Or else be stuffed in the overhead compartment. I'm just sayin'.

Went to the Oakland O and got a beef dog, cheese, fry top, and ketchup. Things to observe: the hot dogs at the Oakland O, as opposed to the campus one, are actually GOOD. Like, really good. As in tasty-grill-hint-of-burnt flavor, and peppery beef sausage goodness, and non-stale buns, and ketchup, and tasty ultra-fake cheese-flavored food product. Mmm. Unfortunately, their fry tops are really skimpy. Just a few fries, not the combo-sized fry drenchings the campus O typically gave. But... yeah. They just need poppy-seed buns and I will be taken directly back to childhood memories of Old Chicago, a little restaurant in Madison that existed when I was probably like 9 and has long since gone out of business.

Dropped by Hillman randomly. Saw "Type-Theoretical Grammar" on the linguistics shelves. I was like, "heh, heh, it almost sounds like they're talking about the type theory I know and love. Surely they mean something about linguistic typology." However, I just pulled it halfway of the shelf to skim the back and I saw Per Marin-Lof's name pop out. It is about type theory! Dependent products are on the first page! I had to check it out.

Went to Lea's place around 7 to watch more of the Jazz documentary. Left around 10:30... we're 10 minutes into the 4th (of 10) DVDs now after two viewing sessions. Quite a bit left, I guess. Good stuff, though, during this one. Ellington, Armstrong, etc. Walked back to Forbes and Morewood and caught a 61A back to Forbes and Beeler and walked home. It really is starting to get winterishly cold out.

Meanwhile I keep occasionally feeling vaguely sad and scared and confused and yet also apathetic somehow. Blerg.

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