Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Meh. Got complexity homework done during machine learning. Got moderately confused during module systems. Although the singleton kind stuff is somewhat sensible. Should read through the decidability proof at some point. Complexity theory went okay. Learned that P^{#P} contains all of PH. Crazy! Proof of it was deferred until later in the course, though.

Forgot about a meeting with Steve Awodey at 4:30, d'oh. Chatted with people for a while. Went to McDonald's for dinner. Came back to the library and futzed around with TeX about bunched implications and dependent types. I think I may try the affine variant, since having top and 1 being different things is really confusing me. Though I guess LLF had to deal with that also, so I should check out how it handled it.

I wish I had a magic solution for people I know who are made frustrated by class work and stuff. I find it really weird that I haven't felt really stressed out by classes chewing up all my time (even when they do chew up all my time) since OS, and that was fueled quite a bit by the personal side of things apart from the class itself. Is it just that I am lucky enough to enjoy most of the material in the classes I wind up taking so that when they are difficult they wind up only being more interesting? Like... linear logic and comp.-ded. especially ate up hours and hours and days and days when I was in final-project-mode for each of them (for comp.-ded. I think I spent most of spring break working on it as well, and lin. log. stretched through some of christmas) but I just loved playing with those problems.

Blah. Hopeless-geek-mode off.

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