Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Had JM's leftovers for lunch.

Went to Type Systems. More standard stuff. I thought about dependent types and bunched logic some more. I think things might be okay with the additive structural operator, and I'm beginning to doubt that dependency across multiplicatives really makes sense. I suppose I should look at Pym's \lambda\Lambda before working much harder at things, though.

Got the machine learning homework done. It's so... I don't know, just unsatisfying. I haven't had these sort of piddling little kinds of homework assignments in a while. The complexity theory problems occasionally at least make me feel like I'm learning things even as I do them.

Went back home and had some waffles and read the rest of The Alchemist. Somewhat short, very easy to read, and quite beautiful. It reminds me of The Little Prince, but a bit more philosophical, and less bizarre. The basic structure of the plot I had in fact previously seen in an Esperanto translation of (I think) a Dutch folk-tale, but I didn't see it coming until the last page. (well, the last page before the epilogue, anyway) It's a very nice form, and the moral of it is woven deeply and skillfully into the rest of The Alchemist in particular. So... books! Books. I do like books.
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