Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Questioner: mumble mumble inductive types mumble coinduction principle mumble does that make things clearer?
Josef Svenningsson: So... I know about those things, but I wanted people to understand what I said.

Another day of ICFP stuff. Pretty fun. Carsten Schuermann said hi to me. There was a neat talk on computing coproducts of computational monads. Forgot to mention that the marriage ceremony was yesterday. It was pretty funny. They had a "biblical" reading, from the book of Cormen (1st ed), Chapter 19, Excercise 2. And lots of other bad puns and things.

Doing Tartan stuff now after getting back from the conference. Tomorrow plans: CostCo trip, homework, research work, possibly watching Lea's history-o-Jazz documentary DVD thing, Joe Mama's. I'll just wait and see how many of those things actually happen. In yet other news, my cell phone is missing. Very annoying. I think I just left it in Stephen Magill's car, but there was this crazy old guy at the Sheraton who grabbed at me and jovially ranted about how I "had my parachute!" and the last time I remember conclusively having my phone was a minute before that happened when I checked what time it was. So although it seems crazy to think that random old people would want to nick my phone (and leave my wallet, which was nearer to him!) I have little other choice but to concoct implausible theories until Steve finds my email to him and replies.

(further update) Ah! I did merely leave it in the car. Excellent.

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