Jason (jcreed) wrote,

catamorphism has bright yellow-orange hair!

Yeah, so I went to ICFP today. Woke up around 6:45, met Dan Spoonhower and his car at 7:15ish, got to the hotel about 7:45. Helped out a bit at the registration table. Saw some familiar names (Moggi, MacQueen, Weirich, Conal Elliott, etc.) wander around. Talks were mostly interesting. At least it's interesting to see that people really do typically use functional languages other than ML, something my heavily CMU-biased upbringing has partially blinded me to. Mostly Haskell, it seems like. Also some scheme. I doodled a lot, though. I blame tom's insidious influence. Also perhaps that of typophile. Maybe I will scan stuff.

But, yeah. Met catamorphism eventually. Also my first lj-to-real-life transition. It seemed like it was wrong to yell out "joelle van dyne!", and yet I couldn't remember whether her first name was "kirsten" or "kristen". I instead made some comment about dyed hair, I think. Social Psychology Barbie says: Meeting people is hard; Let's hide in concrete buildings and write research papers! Sort of related: I wonder if I can use "deforestate" as a verb. Y'all will probably try to feed me some nonsense about it correctly being "deforest" or something. Deforestate! Deforestate!

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