Jason (jcreed) wrote,

Slept through machine learning. Went to bobclass. More stuff on existential types. Getting pretty intricate. Complexity theory let out early for Wolfram talk. So crowded! I got a seat, near alisadave, by sheer luck. The talk itself was... weird. I remain extremely skeptical that he is actually changing anything, but he's undeniably pretty freaking smart. I liked the trivalent discrete geometry shiz.

Went home to eat waffles, realized I had no apple juice, ordered a calzone instead. Thought more about the negation rule and realized it's admissible if you have the function types, which is why I got counterexample models without them.

Now I'm up really late watching episodes of next-gen with housemates when I should be getting sleep because ICFP is crazy freaking early tomorrow. Oh well.

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